D.B.L. is a multi talented award-winning performer born in St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean who began landing roles for Pepsi, Cheerios, Footlocker and Disney before capturing the interest of Jackie Jackson of the famous Jackson 5. Mentored by the Hall of Famer, D.B.L. honed his skills as a singer, songwriter, musician and dancer for several years before the independent release of his first EP “Island Vibez” executive produced by Jackson in 2018. The debut generated a growing international fanbase for D.B.L., garnering a mention in  Billboard Magazine, and local and international interviews and appearances.  

In late 2018, D.B.L. founded Roxxstar Entertainment, an art, music and entertainment company using his platform as an artist to invoke change. In 2019, following the release of his second EP “Come Back Home”, D.B.L. returned to his native St. Lucia to donate to schools, and mentor aspiring artists and troubled youth. Supporting a call to action, D.B.L. met with the Prime Minister; and, back in the U.S., he was  officially endorsed by the Mayor of Las Vegas, where he now resides.

Already securing licensing placements with MTV, Verizon and Motorola, D.B.L., is as much a songwriter as he is a performer. And, he continues to grow a steady international base with his music - a cultural mix of Reggae, R&B, and hints of Hip Hop and other genres.

D.B.L.’s new release “Your Riddim”,which just dropped, is available on all platforms and on Las Vegas radio.

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